Engage - Mobile User Guide

Target RWE has created an app called ‘Engage’. This is available as both a browser-based website and a mobile application. This tool will allow Patients to enroll in studies that they are both interested in and approved for. The purpose of this application is to facilitate Health Care Professionals (HCPs), patients and the institutions running the studies to interact seamlessly, provide the ability to capture vital/valid data in a timely manner, and securely and sensibly handle that data.

There are many ways a patient can learn about available studies such as: via health care provider, physical paper, or email. Below is a walk through as to how to navigate through the ‘Patient Engagement’ Mobile Application.


Surveys: Surveys usually consist of either a Patient Reported Outcome Survey or a Questionnaire. More details on these types of surveys can be found below.

PROs / Questionnaires: PROs are Patient-Reported Outcome surveys, which is a type of survey available for completion in specific studies. A PRO survey enables data collection on health outcomes directly reported by the person who experienced it. A Patient Questionnaire is more of an informal survey that can be set up to check in with patients and how they are feeling.

Milestone: Steps or actions that patients are requested to complete as part of participation in the study. These can include surveys (PROs and Questionnaires), Office Visits, or Biosample, Biospecimen, and Blood Sample collection reminders.

Biosample Collection: Biosample collection is a type of milestone that refers to a patient visiting a site to give a type of sample, whether that is a blood sample, dermatology, or various different types depending on the nature of the study.