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As the industry’s first complete real world evidence (RWE) solution, Target RWE cultivates a distinctly collaborative enterprise that unifies unique real world data (RWD) and advanced RWE analytics in a cohesive ecosystem to improve lives.

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One Platform. Many Solutions.

Longitudinal Datasets With Up to 8+ Years of Patient Journeys

Target RWE provides an easier, more feasible avenue to generate and analyze real world patient data. Target RWE’s turnkey Community solution allows partners to rapidly and seamlessly engage in existing and newly activated disease communities through longitudinal, observational real world data registries. Follow patients through more than 8 years of longitudinal patient journeys with the breadth and depth that only our multi-modal data collection and processing platform can deliver.

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Advanced Analytics to Generate Insightful Real World Evidence

At Target RWE, we offer dynamic RWE analytics that extract deep insights from RWD using advanced statistical and epidemiologic methods. Insights are made available through Target RWE's signature Population Health Research (PHR) Applications, a web-deployed, interactive analytical solution. Syndicated Science Insights include 3 types of offerings: Community, Market, and Customized Insights – each serve a unique role and answer specific questions of interest along the drug development life cycle of a product. Data sources span depth of clinical patient journeys through Target RWE’s own Community Registries as well as breadth of patient populations through external datasets.

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Robust Biorepository of More Than 150,000 Patient Samples

The Target RWE Biorepository is a collection of more than 150,000+ biospecimen samples that cover our consented, community patient populations from our extensive portfolio of therapeutic conditions. The longitudinal collection of serum, blood, saliva and tape strip samples that are ready for laboratory testing is a great complement when linked to Target RWE's de-identified clinically validated data derived from patient medical records and patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures.

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Proven Track Record of RWE Solutions

Target RWE’s team of RWE experts work hand-in-hand with partners to deliver the best solutions for their needs, including conducting advanced epidemiological studies such as comparative effectiveness and negative control outcome studies. Our solutions have been used to support new drug development and label expansion opportunities, address regulatory demands, assess decision-making processes for R&D strategies (such as sales, marketing, and pricing), and fulfill post-marketing drug safety requirements or commitments in the U.S. and Europe.

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Best-In-Class RWE

Founded in 2015, Target RWE has pioneered the generation and delivery of real world evidence to support pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare partners seeking access to high quality data and advanced analytics.

Best-In-Class RWE Best-In-Class RWE

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