Each milestone is listed in the expanded study so the Site Admin can get insight into the structure of the study. You can see that the associated timepoints are listed under each milestone and there is a 'Dependent On' column to show the dependencies between milestones. Milestones such as Office Visits, Biosample Collections, and Supplemental File Uploads typically do not have blank documents associated with them. You will see a N/A for milestones without an associated artifact. Milestones that do have documents will have buttons in the Actions column. The actions allow you to Print, Download or View the blank artifacts associated with that Milestone. Milestones with documents are usually PRO’s, Patient Questionnaires and Site Questionnaires. For example, the Site Admin could ‘Print' the blank version of a Month 0 PRO for a patient to complete on paper for a case where that patient does not have access to the technology to complete the PRO digitally, or if they need assistance.


There are 3 Milestone Action Icons:

  1. Print
  2. Download
  3. View