Engage - Institution Engagement Platform

Target RWE has created the Engage platform which encompasses 3 user experiences:

  • Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) – Patients
  • Institution Engagement Platform (IEP) – Site admins 
  • Study Management Platform (Target RWE Only) – Study Managers

The Institution Engagement Platform, or IEP, is utilized by site administrators for studies enrolling patients into the Patient Engagement Platform. ​

  • The IEP is accessed through your web browser which allows you to approve/deny patient enrollments, receive digital consent forms, monitor patient journeys, filter/look-up patient information, and help manage the study site.​
  • As a site admin, you can also receive reminders of upcoming milestones, help patients' complete milestones, and push re-consent forms to the patient during their enrollment.

The purpose of the IEP is to facilitate Health Care Professionals (HCPs), study managers, and site admins to interact digitally in a seamless manner, setup and quickly capture vital data, and securely and sensibly handle patient information.

The details below include instructions on how to navigate through the Institution Engagement Platform within the Engage Web Application.

Note: The below screenshots are of a generic nature and represent a generic sample of Patient Management, Consents, Filters, Artifacts and Document Management.