Syndicated Science Insights

Population Health Research Applications: A Novel Approach to Syndicated Science

At Target RWE, we have reimagined how to produce, understand, and share results from rigorous epidemiologic studies through our newest web-deployed, interactive analytical solution – Population Health Research Applications (PHRs).

Target RWE PHRs provide access to rigorously developed and regularly updated real world evidence in many important clinical areas. Our PHRs answer specific research topics and questions of interest to key stakeholders, with results displayed through accessible, interactive data visualizations and tables.

Built for Deep Understanding and Analysis

  • Comprehensive: PHRs contain scientific content relevant to all phases of a product’s life cycle, including incidence/prevalence and forecasting to assess size of addressable populations, descriptive analysis of contemporary treatment patterns, identification of high-risk patient subgroups, trend monitoring for policy evaluation, and causal inference for principled safety and effectiveness research.
  • Rigorous: We aspire to use the best epidemiologic and statistical methods to answer the questions we confront. Target RWE builds content using modern causal inference methods, predictive modeling, and thoughtful epidemiologic design.
  • Timely: All PHR content can be refreshed when updated data is obtained. The PHR environment supports a full peer review workflow. New content can be written, edited, reviewed, published and versioned by users with appropriate permissions.
  • Transportable: Built with a common data model, PHRs can be transported from one data environment to another.

Designed for Your Team

  • Deeply Interactive: All PHR content can be layered and explored by users. Graphs and tables can be stratified and filtered across many patient-, provider-, and region-level characteristics.
  • Collaborative: Rich commenting features enable teams to work together on the development and interpretation of PHR content. These same features allow scientists who author content to interact with a large audience of readers.
  • Customizable: We build specialized PHRs to answer specific questions in situations where results need to be routinely updated, such as safety event rate monitoring or ongoing assessments of comparability of newly launched therapeutics using negative control outcomes.