Target RWE Registries

Access Longitudinal Datasets with up to 8+ Years of Patient Journeys

Target RWE provides an easier, more feasible avenue to generate and analyze real-world patient data. The foundation of the company organizes distinguished disease stakeholders around a common dataset, led by a steering committee of key opinion leaders and an advisory committee of the following participants: industry partners, regulatory authorities, payers, and patient advocacy representatives.

Target RWE’s turnkey solution allows partners to rapidly and seamlessly activate new disease communities through longitudinal, observational real-world data registries. With a robust network of participating sites (both community and academic) and a proven framework, Target RWE generates quality real-world data in a timely manner and delivers meaningful disease insights to support partners’ real-world evidence efforts.

Target RWE’s data management and analyses are hosted and conducted in-house, respectively, eliminating the operational hassles for partners of developing and maintaining a disease registry and curating datasets. Partners are able to leverage Target RWE's robust database to advance their drug development programs and RWE initiatives, all while actively participating in shaping the disease registry through an ad hoc advisory board of key stakeholders. 

Registries by Therapeutic Indication





Target RWE Registry Framework

The Target RWE model utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to developing, managing, and sustaining the growth of disease-specific registries. This includes conducting extensive research as well as the leveraging the guidance and expertise from our academic, advisory, and publications committees, which is formed, organized and overseen by Target RWE.   

Academic Steering Committee

Each Target RWE therapeutic-aligned registry begins with the formation of an academic steering committee comprised of disease experts and world-class key opinion leaders who guide the development and design of the study protocol and research plan. The steering committee provides perpetual expertise and feedback to ensure the successful growth and progress of each registry. 

Advisory Committee

For each disease-specific registry, Target RWE has established an advisory committee comprised of industry partners, regulatory agency representatives, and patient advocacy groups to strengthen understandings of the disease, discuss challenges of each disease state, and promote the advancement of the field. 

Publications Committee

Target RWE collaborates with key stakeholders including industry partners, principal investigators, and academic steering committee members to publish peer-reviewed abstracts and manuscripts addressing scientific gaps and latest data findings from Target RWE's disease-specific registries. Target RWE findings have been presented at national and international scientific and medical conferences, and have been published in numerous high-quality peer-reviewed journals. 

Target RWE is redefining and revolutionizing the generation and delivery of real-world evidence. 

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