Custom Solutions

Supporting Your Real-World Evidence Initiatives

With a proven track record in the real-world evidence (RWE) field over the last seven years, Target RWE has pioneered the generation and delivery of real-world evidence to support pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare partners seeking access to high quality, regulatory-grade fit-for-purpose data. 

Target RWE designs custom datasets, analyses, and evidence to address the complexities of healthcare evidence questions and quality initiatives. Target RWE's regulatory-grade data has been leveraged to support new drug development and label expansion opportunities, address regulatory demands, assess decision-making processes for research and development strategies such as sales, marketing, and pricing, as well as fulfill post-marketing drug safety requirements/commitments in the United States and Europe. 

Target RWE's real-world data is collected and aggregated from a variety of sources, including the following:

Target RWE Ecosystem

Target RWE’s diverse data source ecosystem allows industry partners to access a wide variety of datasets, including but not limited to the following: Oncology, Hepatology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Respiratory, Infectious Diseases, and more. With data aggregation from 600+ healthcare institutions across the United States, Europe, and other non-U.S. sites, Target RWE partners have access to a wide selection of datasets. 

With up to 8 years’ worth of collected real-world data to date, Target RWE has access to robust observational and longitudinal clinical patient data. Target RWE also collects biospecimens linked to validated clinical data for partners to conduct ad libitum genomics and research analysis.

Target RWE’s team of real-world data experts work closely with industry partners to provide specific and tailored solutions to support their RWE endeavors across the entire drug development spectrum. Target RWE’s real-world data can be utilized to:

  • Fulfill post-marketing commitments, requirements, and/or post-authorization safety studies
  • Support label expansion and other regulatory initiatives
  • Fulfill Pediatric data requirements
  • Conduct data linking research and analysis
  • Build and develop detailed patient journeys
  • Develop clinical protocols, assess inclusion/exclusion criteria and site feasibility
  • Evaluate safety and effectiveness of therapies in usual practice and comparative effectiveness
  • Evaluate patient responsiveness to treatments by accessing PRO measures
  • Evaluate specific and/or underrepresented patient populations
  • Support a broad range of RWE related projects