Chronic Hepatitis B (HBV)


TARGET-HBV is timely given the renewed interest in finding a cure for hepatitis B. Chronic hepatitis B is characterized by fluctuations in virus replication and disease activity; thus, while guidelines exist, management of individual patients can be nuanced. Data on a large cohort of hepatitis B patients managed in the real-world will provide insights into the course of this disease and guide the use of future therapies. Anna Lok, MD

Ranked as the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the world, an estimated 30 million people are newly diagnosed each year with the Hepatitis B viral (HBV) infection. With an increasing number of available treatments, important questions remain regarding the HBV at-risk population and current practice patterns.

Management of chronic HBV is perceived as a complex paradigm, which balances the benefits of long-term suppression of HBV replication, with the inconvenience and potential adverse events associated with prolonged, often lifelong, antiviral therapy. Effective monitoring of disease progression and timely initiation of treatment in appropriate patients is essential to help inform interventions and to maximize the long-term outcomes for HBV patients.

TARGET-HBV is an observational study of patients undergoing therapy for chronic HBV infection. The study conducts a comprehensive review of therapeutic outcomes for patients with HBV who are currently taking tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) relative to those patients following other treatment regimens. The collected data from patients at academic and community medical centers can help address important clinical questions regarding the management of HBV with TAF and other oral therapies.

With a robust HBV database of real-world data regarding the natural history, management, outcomes related to TAF, partners can query the data to gain a better understanding of the safety and effectiveness of therapies and support their drug development programs and RWE initiatives.

Study Goals:

  • Characterize the profile of patients with Chronic HBV

  • Assess safety and efficacy of chronic HBV treatments

  • Evaluate provider decisions regarding the management of chronic HBV


October 2018


Enrollment Goal:

Up to 5,000

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