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Published On: 8/23/2023

Target RWE's Cutting-Edge Analytical Solutions Launched to Propel Real-World Evidence Generation

The company announced its suite of analytical products, named Syndicated Science™ Insights, which includes interactive, robust analyses across a suite of therapeutic areas

DURHAM, N.C., Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Real-world evidence (RWE) leader, Target RWE, announced today the launch of its pioneering suite of advanced analytical solutions. Designed to identify unmet needs and answer critical strategic questions along a pharmaceutical product's life cycle, the novel solutions visualize and analyze data using innovative epidemiological methods and sound statistical principles.

Recognizing the demand for enhanced RWE capabilities, Target RWE has developed its own proprietary analytical platform to power its Syndicated Science Insights (SSI) solutions. The SSI solutions aim to address research hypotheses and are agnostic to the type of data source – enabling the use of claims, electronic health records data, and other linked data sources. Each solution contains rich scientific content and highly interactive data visualizations that allow ad hoc stratification analyses, such as disease progression in defined patient populations. All content can be updated, edited, and revised over time to accommodate changing study questions, additional data, and evolving healthcare guidance.

"Target RWE believes in empowering healthcare stakeholders with advanced tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing environment. Our novel group of robust analytical solutions represents a giant leap forward in real-world evidence analysis, and we are thrilled to see how it will drive transformative advancements in patient care, drug development, and healthcare decision-making," said Chief Executive Officer, Derek Evans.

"Our Syndicated Science Insights products underscore our commitment to harness advanced technologies and provide an easy-to-use, convenient solution that can be customized to address specific topics of interest," said Chief Scientific Officer Jennifer Christian, PharmD, PhD, FISPE.

Each SSI solution contains scientific content relevant to all phases of a product's lifecycle organized by disease area, which can include: incidence/prevalence and forecasting to assess the size of addressable populations; characterization of contemporary treatment patterns and sequencing; identification of unmet, high-risk patient subgroups; longitudinal patient journeys; healthcare utilization and expenditures; trend monitoring for policy evaluation and causal inference for principled safety monitoring and comparative effectiveness research.

There are different offerings within the suite of SSI solutions, including Market Insights, Community Insights, and Customized Insights. Each offering provides users with advanced analytics generated from a range of real world data sources, including Target RWE's proprietary patient communities as well as from a variety of large claims databases.

Target RWE will be giving live demonstrations of its Market Insights solution at the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ICPE) 39th annual meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 23-27, 2023. In addition, the company will be presenting new innovative research and a pre-conference education session on approaches to pragmatic randomized clinical trials.

About Target RWE

As the industry's best-in-class, complete real world evidence (RWE) solution, Target RWE is a distinctly collaborative enterprise that unifies real world data (RWD) sets and advanced RWE analytics in an integrated community, shifting the paradigm in healthcare for how decisions are made to improve lives.

Target RWE sources unique, connected data sets across multiple therapeutic areas representing granular data from diverse patients in academic and community settings. Our rigorous, interactive, and advanced RWE analytics extract deep insights from RWD to answer important questions in healthcare. Target RWE brings together the brightest minds in healthcare through an unmatched community of key opinion leaders, patients, and healthcare stakeholders in a collaborative and dynamic model.


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