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Published On: 1/4/2024

Target RWE Launches Novel Precision Medicine Platform to Undertake Growing Unmet Medical Needs in Liver Disease, Gastroenterology, and Immune-mediated Inflammatory Conditions

Company's rich, longitudinal clinical registry data with a biorepository of 150,000+ samples from 10,000+ patients to help better understand disease progression

DURHAM, N.C. , Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Real-world evidence (RWE) leader, Target RWE, today announced its innovative Precision Medicine Platform, a robust biorepository of 150,000+ samples collected along the patient journey from over 10,000 enrolled patients with 5+ years of clinical follow-up. Combined with Target RWE's longitudinal clinical registry data, the biorepository can be instrumental in genetic and bio-marker identification for patient populations with rapid disease progression or prediction of treatment response.

Target RWE concentrates on disease areas with high unmet medical needs and emerging therapies. This includes a focus on liver disease, metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH, formerly known as NAFLD/NASH), and immune-mediated inflammatory conditions in dermatology and gastroenterology. Bio samples (serum, whole blood, plasma, skin tape strips) are collected from patients enrolled through IRB-approved protocols, e.g. TARGET-LD, TARGET-NASH, TARGET-IBD, and TARGET-DERM.

In the TARGET-NASH registry alone, more than 80,000 biospecimen samples have been collected, an average of four samples per patient at various time points before and after a disease progression-defining events over 74 months of clinical follow-up. Disease-specific patient-reported outcomes are also available at multiple time points of the patient journey. The samples can be linked to Target RWE's deep, longitudinal registries to further connect clinical outcomes and disease progression status.

"It is exciting to be a part of an organization with clinically rich, real-world data complete with genomic information that enables clients to generate meaningful insights that aim to improve patient outcomes," said Jennifer Christian, PharmD, PhD, FISPE, Chief Scientific Officer. "Our data are backed by a scalable, high-data curation engine and an epidemiology team that applies robust, principled statistical methods that can deliver actionable evidence and guide drug development."

"Our Platform paired with Target RWE's predictive analytics capabilities brings next-level sophistication to research design and implementation. Partners can access the biorepository samples for analyses including biomarker characterizations, diagnostic assay development, and validation, sequencing, and genotyping," said Derek Evans, CEO. "This is just one example of how we have led the industry with innovative thinking and solutions that translate to meaningful research outcomes for our partners."

Target RWE will additionally be sharing its newest data from the TARGET-NASH registry January 4-6, 2024 at the NASH-TAG annual conference in Park City, Utah. Poster topics include non-invasive tests as a prediction tool to assess MASH resolution score and longitudinal assessment of cardiovascular risk for NASH/MASH patients.

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