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Payers’ Perspective and Utilization of
Real-World Data and Evidence

At Target RWE, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of people through comprehensive real-world data, principled data science technology, and impactful evidence outcomes concerning major health problems worldwide. This mission is supported by Target RWE’s business model- developing real-world evidence solutions to empower partners in the life sciences and healthcare fields by answering scientific questions regarding the usage and potential benefits or risks of a medical product, informing regulatory decision making, and promoting health economics and outcomes research.

To support this business model, Target RWE conducted a qualitative market research assessment with the help of an independent market research company in order to better understand payers' perspectives and insights as it relates to the growing field of real-world data and evidence. The qualitative research report covers many notable topics related to payers, including evaluation process as new drugs enter the market in broad therapeutic fields. 

Target RWE Whitepaper

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Proven Track Record of Real-World Evidence Success

Target RWE designs custom datasets, analyses, and evidence to address the complexities of healthcare evidence questions and quality initiatives. Target RWE has proven experience in fulfilling our partner's real-world data and evidence needs. Explore the list below of downloadable case studies to learn more about Target RWE and its robust data solutions.

COVID-19 Case Study

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