You can see under the Enrollment milestone, there is a Supplemental File Upload Milestone. The Supplemental File Upload milestone is a place for Site Admins to upload any artifacts / documents for a patient that are not associated with any milestones in the study. (If they have artifacts related to a milestone, they can upload it to that milestone by clicking on the upload artifact button next to that milestone as you will see later in this document.) This supplemental file upload milestone is different than a normal milestone in that it is used for any additional patient information that needs to be put into the system. This could be information on an adverse event, like for example, if the patient was a passenger in a car involved in a car accident and those records can be uploaded there and evaluated if needed. You can see that it has an “Open” status, this means that Site Admins can upload artifacts to this milestone for the patient at any point in the study and it won’t ever be completed or closed.

Note: Supplemental File Upload milestones have the following actions that can be taken. Please refer to the below sections for more information on each action.

  1. Upload Artifacts
  2. View Artifacts