If the the Site Admin decides that a patient does not meet the study inclusion exclusion criteria and denies that patient’s enrollment, then that patient will be denied and will not be a part of the study.

If you click on the ‘Deny Enrollment' icon, you will be navigated to a message box where you can enter a comment and choose ‘Deny Enrollment’ to deny the patient enrollment or press ‘Cancel’ to cancel and go back to the Patient Management screen. Notice that the comment field is a required field and that the Deny Enrollment button is disabled until you enter a comment.

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If the Site Admin denies enrollment, the patient will have an Enrollment Status of ‘Declined’ and the study will no longer be visible by the patient in the Patient Engagement Application. If the patients records change and they later meet the criteria, then they can be reevaluated for enrollment. If the Site Admin wishes to re-enroll the patient, they can go to the enrollment milestone for that patient and upload a consent document for them and mark enrollment as complete, put in the date the consent was completed, and the patient will be entered back into the study.

Notice also that the only action available is ‘Enrollment Log’.