If you click on the Confirm/ Deny Withdrawal icon as seen below, you will be presented with a message box. Here you want to enter a ‘Reason for Withdrawal’. Notice that until the Site Admin enters their comment, the only button available is the ‘Cancel' button. A comment must be added for the ‘Deny Withdrawal’ or ‘Approve Withdrawal’ buttons to become active.

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Note: In an upcoming release, the this box will display the patient’s comment for why they are withdrawing from the study under the ‘Reason for Withdrawal’ text, so the Site Admin can see their reason and add their own comment before denying or approving the withdrawal.

If the Site Admin clicks on ‘Deny Withdrawal’, the Enrollment Status will change back to ‘Enrolled’ and the Site Admin will receive a ‘Withdrawal Declined’ email.


If the Site Admin clicks on ‘Approve Withdrawal', the Enrollment Status will change to ‘Withdrawn’ and the patient will not be allowed to rejoin a Withdrawn study. The Study will no longer be visible to the patient in the Patient Engage application.

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To see this patients enrollment history, click on the ‘Enrollment Log’ to view the activity for a specific patient.

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Here you can see all of the withdrawal information. Press the ‘Done’ button when finished.