The Site Admin or a Health Care provider are the people who invite the patients. They have the study invite codes and the registration links to distribute to the patient. If you click on ‘Copy Code’ or ‘Copy Registration Link’ you will see it change to ‘Copied Code’ or ‘Copied Registration Link’ and will be copied to your clipboard. Patients can also express interest in a study on their personal devices by scanning a QR code that can be displayed at the site, refer to the QR code section later in this document.

Note: The Registration Link includes the Registration (Invite) Code. When patients register with the registration link, the invite code will be pre-populated for them.

The Site Administrator will receive a ‘New Participant' email once a patient ‘Expresses interest in a Study’. Please refer to ‘Site Admin Notifications - Web Version - V1.2' for more details.

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To get insight into how a patient can use a registration link or an invite code, please see the - Can't find link section on ‘Join Study with an Invitation Code’ for more details.