If you click on the ‘View QR Code' icon, the ‘QR’ code will be displayed on your device. Site Admins or Health Care Professionals can bring up the QR code on their device and show it to patients so patients can easily scan it on their smart phones. This allows patients to express interest in joining the study on their own. If the Patient does not have the Engage application downloaded, scanning the QR code will take them to the app store to download the app. If they have the app downloaded, then it will bring them to the link that is presented below the QR code and from here it will navigate the Patient to the ‘Register’ screen where they can Register a New Account on the app. The ‘Study Invite Code’ will be pre-populated with the Invite Code from the Study Site so the patient can easily express interest in that study just by scanning the QR code with their phone.

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Note: If you click on the link (as in above), you will be navigated to the Register screen, where a patient can register if they don’t already have an account or Login if they do have an existing account. Notice that the Study Invite Code has been pre-populated with the Invite Code from the Study.